Welcome Message from Principal Leavitt

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to Machias Memorial High School! Thank you for choosing our school.  One of  the greatest strengths of our school is its size.  Students get the individual attention and supports they need to succeed and there is much opportunity to be active in activities and events outside of the classroom.

For a small school we offer a lot to our students.  Machias Memorial High School offers a wide range of academic classes such as AP and Honor classes, chemistry, marketing, visual and performing arts, and physical education.  We also offer many extracurricular activities such as Video Club, Student Council, and athletics.  This summer we received an alumni donation to start a Robotics Club. 

Students, during their junior and senior years, may participate in our early college partnership with the University of Maine at Machias and Washington County Community College in Calais.  Students who take full advantage of these programs can earn up to 24 college credits.  The best thing about this program is that there is no cost to the student for taking classes.  We even provide transportation if needed.

Another program I would like to highlight is Career & Technical Education.  On the campus of Machias Memorial High School we offer two programs: Culinary Arts and Building Trades.  Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement and Health Occupations/CNA are offered at Narraguagus High School in Harrington.  These four programs give students the skills needed to enter the job force after high school or to continue their education by enrolling in a community college program.  These programs teach skills and competencies.  Students can also earn industry related certifications that make them more valuable to employers.   You can read more about these opportunities in the following pages. 

Over the summer the Maine Legislature passed a law that made standards-based education (SBE) optional for school districts in Maine.  Previous to the change SBE was mandated.  Machias Memorial High School will continue to base their curriculum and instruction on standards, but also report student learning and progress using a hybrid reporting system that includes progress on standards and a traditional 0-100 point grading system. 

Another important piece of SBE will be habits of work.  Machias Memorial High School feels strongly that developing these skills and characteristics in our students is important to their success as a student and citizen. Students will be graded, using a rubric, on how well they meet specific criteria.  The three areas of focus will be completing assignments on time, being prepared and participating in class, and attendance.  Each area will periodically be rated on a scale from 1-4 and reported along with quarterly grades.  This will be implemented over the 2018-2019 school year.  

I encourage students to enjoy their high school years, be involved in your school and community to make it a better place for all, and to take pride in what you accomplish while at Machias Memorial High School.  If I can ever help you or your student with anything please come see me.  I am committed to helping your child to succeed as a student and person.

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