School Communications

To the parents and community of Machias Memorial High School,

Recent events have stressed the importance of efficient, effective communication between the school and community.  Whether it is a school cancellation or early release, lockdown, or an event at the school, Machias Memorial High School has a variety of ways this is accomplished.

Machias Memorial High School Facebook page – this is the main mode of communication for the high school.  The Facebook software application is easy and efficient to use and post information.  The Facebook page links to our website and Twitter account, so one post goes to three spots for the community to access.

SchoolMessenger – this software application allows the school to send out text messages, emails, and phone messages using information provided by parents (emails and phone numbers).  Parents who receive “robocalls” are familiar with this form of communication.

Phone or Email – calling or sending an email to talk with parents and school is still an effective means of communication.  This is usually not used when a social media solution makes more sense and an emergency message needs to get out quickly.  Parents and community members may call or email the school anytime they feel it is important to communicate with the school.  Teachers and staff use this method to communicate individual student needs and concerns with parents.

Machias Memorial High School is committed to keeping students physically and emotionally safe.  It is our most important priority.  When threats to our school happen it is important for us to communicate in an effective and efficient way with the communities we serve.

Thank you for choosing Machias Memorial High School and for allowing us to educate your student.


Mr. Leavitt

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