Library Overview


Online databases are up-to-date, authority resources with lots of helpful features like statistics, graphs, photos, videos, pros and cons, citations, and email options. Unlike the internet websites, thereʼs need to evaluate the validity of this stuff! Itʼs grab and go information! Note: Youʼll need a password to use these at home.

Connect to these essential resources by clicking on one of these icons:

Use Destiny Quest to look for fiction books, research materials, DVDs, audiobooks, Kindles, and more in the MMHS Library. Don’t forget to “Log In” to post a book review, use One Search, or reserve a book.

Digital Maine Library

Tools for School

Find a search engine designed for students (think of it as a junk eliminator), a wise “OWL”, and a “Bib” so you don’t make a mess of your research paper.

Google Scholar – Search the world for relevant scholarly articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic and professional resources.

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) – Help for writing a thesis, conquering writerʼs block, avoiding plaigarism, citing sources and more.

Easy Bib – Create a works cited page. Be sure to check your page after making it!