My Education. My Way.

Machias Memorial High School LogoDear Parents and Guardians,

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of a few things happening at Machias Memorial High School.

Student-Led Conferences will take place November 15 and 16.  This is similar to a Parent-Teacher Conference except the student facilitates the conference by presenting their portfolio to their parents.  Teachers and advisors are available for individual conferences.  If your student has not yet scheduled an appointment for you they will need to do so this week.

Winter is finally here and I would highly encourage you to consider using the school’s buses to transport your student to and from Machias Memorial High School.  Road conditions can change quickly in our area and become dangerous for all drivers.  It is a fact that “School buses are the safest mode of transportation for getting children back and forth to school” (U.S. Department of Transportation, 2012).  The NHTSA also states that student fatalities during normal school travel hours are 58% traveling by teen driver, 23% traveling by adult drivers, and 1% traveling by school bus (  Please consider these facts to keep our students safe this winter.

This year our school is focusing on bullying and harassment prevention.  I have done a lot of research, read books, and received professional development in bullying and harassment prevention.  Our school has placed a high priority on identifying, intervening, and changing these types of behaviors.  We are also working with organizations around the State to teach our students how to stand up to bullying in appropriate and effective ways.

It is essential to the learning process that students feel safe and wanted in their school environment.  Every student deserves to be treated with dignity and respect despite their individuality and no student should ever be physically threatened or verbally degraded while at school.

The Official Machias Memorial High School Facebook Page is a great resource for keeping up on the events happening at our school.  I update this page often and encourage you to “Like” us.  Don’t forget about PowerSchool for checking grades and the Machias Memorial High School website.  If you need help accessing either of these resources please call the school and ask to speak with Ms. Moores.

There are several ways to become more involved with your student’s school.  You may join the Machias Memorial High School Parent Group, Sports Boosters Club, or Literacy Team.  You may attend any assembly, event, or athletic event at school.  You may also arrange to visit one of your student’s classes or stop in anytime to have a discussion with me.  I welcome feedback from all interested parents and community members who want to help improve our school.

Finally, you may have noticed our new logo at the top of this letter.  “My Education, My Way” is a message that we want to get out to all students and their families.  At Machias Memorial High School we want to provide opportunities that will customize each student’s education based on their needs and interests.  It is possible to develop a plan, before entering high school, that includes a strong academic foundation, opportunities to pursue personal and career interests, and to gain invaluable knowledge, skills, and experiences that will benefit them in the future.

Teachers are working hard to implement national Common Core Curriculum Standards in all content areas.  Students may take advantage of Career & Technical Education, online classes from around the world, apprenticeships and internships, or get a early start on college through the Early College Program at the University of Maine at Machias.  We are also continuously exploring and developing partnerships with outside organizations such as Eagle Hill Institute to deliver classes such as Astronomy to our students.

Educators know that all students do not learn the same things, at the same pace, in the same way.  So why do schools make all students do it the same way?  This is what “My Education, My Way” is all about.  Customizing the educational process for each student so that they can find the pathway that leads them to academic and personal success.

I take my responsibility as Principal of Machias Memorial High School very seriously.  I want the very best for our students and expect their very best efforts in return.  If you ever have any concerns or questions please call or email me.  Thank you for allowing Machias Memorial High School the opportunity to educate your student.


Mr. Brian Leavitt                                                               Contact Information:
Principal                                                                              Email:
Machias Memorial High School                                     School Phone #: 207.255.5979                                                                                                              Cellular Phone #: 207.263.4999

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