Model State

Advisor: Mrs. Albee

What we do:

  • We meet to draft and write bills for our trip to Augusta.
  • We attend on-line training sessions to elect participants to fill the offices in the Senate, the House, and the Governor’s Office.
  • We participate in a mock legislative program held in the State House in Augusta.
  • We learn about the legislative system by having students draft all the bills to be debated and discussed.

Our favorite activities:

  • Going to Augusta for the weekend and staying in a hotel
  • Debating the bills on the Senate or House floor
  • Learning the behind the scenes events that take place in committee rooms

Why we participate:

  • To provide students with a first hand experience in the workings of the government
  • To provide an awareness of present issues and concerns in the State of Maine
  • To help develop leadership skills in those who participate
  • To provide opportunities for students to be independent thinkers
  • To allow students to be involved citizens seeing how issues facing the State of Maine can be addressed