The PBIS program is a program MMHS is using as a tool to encourage and support positive behaviors throughout the school. This is a program that is being used throughout the country at every age level.

The goal of PBIS is to collect data to guide decision making about what practices should be put in place to support student learning and social behavior. One of the practices MMHS uses is the PAWS program. This gives teachers, coaches, administrators, and other school staff members a chance to recognize students when they do something that is particularly positive.

When a student is seen doing something positive a staff member may give them a paw. The students then may post that paw on a bulletin board in the cafeteria. As an entire group the students collect these paws and as they earn certain amounts, they will be rewarded. The students get to pick the rewards.

In the past they have chosen such rewards as movie days, pizza parties, and bonfires. When surveyed, an overwhelming majority of students like the PAWS program and think it is good for the school.