“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”
Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

Welcome to the guidance department at MMHS. We are here to provide student services that include academic advising, college and career preparation, and mental health advocacy. Our ultimate goal is to help all MMHS students live long, happy, and healthy lives.

Guidance services begin at the end of eighth grade year when we offer an informational session to students and their families. This information session will help students with the transition to high school and will teach them how to prepare for a positive start. We also cover topics such as what colleges are looking for in a transcript and financial planning for post-secondary institutions.

During freshman year each student is offered an individual appointment where the role of the guidance department is explained and we explore what students might be planning for their future after high school. Academic advising is important at this time in the process as students may require certain courses or job shadow experiences in order to fulfill their hopes and dreams. We encourage students to challenge themselves academically, not just for the sake of school, but also to help create something meaningful in their own lives.

Exploration and advising continues during sophomore and junior years, when things get a bit more serious and standardized testing, such as the PSAT and SAT, begin to take place. We offer an evening session to parents and students to go over the PSAT results, explaining how to read them and what they might mean to colleges. We also discuss their impact on scholarship opportunities. Individual appointments are available to all juniors and their parents/guardians to help plan details of the post-secondary process, including college, military, and employment opportunities. We offer several college trips each year and we try to individualize the trips to schools and programs students might be interested in during these two years. Students are strongly encouraged to go to the Spring College Fairs which are offered alternate years at UMM and WCCC. Juniors can begin to take classes through our Early College Program and we help to get them enrolled and ready for their first college experience.

Senior year arrives all too fast and at this point the guidance office will work very closely with the Senior Seminar teacher. We will help students through the entire post-secondary application process, right down to photocopying and mailing out the completed applications. We offer all seniors the chance to go to the Fall College Fair at University of Maine and continue to encourage students to go on scheduled college visits. We also help students to search and apply for scholarships. We sponsor a Senior Parent Night to help support families and keep parents informed and we do a Financial Aid Night where the ins and outs of the FAFSA are explained. We can provide individual appointments to complete FAFSA applications if families are not comfortable doing it by themselves the first time through. We try to ease as much stress as possible for both students and their families.

High school is a time of tremendous growth and change for young people. In the guidance office, we do our utmost to offer a safe space for students to discuss emotional, social, and academic challenges they may have during high school. We offer a welcoming, supportive, and confidential environment, where students can talk to a responsible adult without fear of disapproval. Our mission is always to help students make good decisions as they choose their own way through life.

Ms. Cara Cirillo, Guidance Director

Ms. Alaina Albee, Guidance Secretary

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