Early College


Taking Early College classes through Machias Memorial High School offers students a wonderful opportunity to expand their academic horizons and earn college level credit while still enrolled in high school. Taking a college level course while in high school does entail extra work and responsibility for the student. Colleges have the right to adjust grading or fail a student based on class attendance. It is the responsibility of the student to request professor permission if they are going to miss a class. High school students need to consider possible field trips, school and family activities BEFORE registering for college classes. The following guidelines have been established in order to meet the requirements of participating in the Early College Program:

  1. No more than seven daily excused absences in the semester prior to enrollment.*
  2. No more than one daily unexcused absence the semester prior to enrollment.
  3. No more than three school tardies the semester prior to enrollment.*
  4. A minimum final grade of 83 in all classes from the previous semester.**
  5. Final decisions for approval of Early College classes will be made by the administration.
  6. Students may not go into the University of Maine at Machias dorms while school is in session at MMHS.
  7. Transportation will be provided to UMM during the school year. If transportation is not available through MMHS students will be allowed to take their own vehicles or must arrange for individual transportation. A permission slip to drive must be signed by the parent/legal guardian.
  8. Any student who receives special services through MMHS and would like to request accommodations for Early College classes must contact Pam Feeney at 255-1346 for UMM classes, or either Dora Adams at 454-1093 or Koreen Dean at 454-1062 for WCCC classes. Contact must be made to the colleges by the student in order for accommodations to be put in place. It is not legal for the initial contact to be made by MMHS. Please keep in mind colleges do not offer any modifications (e.g. shortened assignments). They only offer accommodations.