Bulldog Block

Bulldog Block
Machias Memorial High School’s Response to Intervention Plan (RTIP)

This year Machias Memorial High School will be implementing a Response to Intervention Plan (RTIP). The school has dedicated a 45 minute slot in the daily schedule to ensure that all students have access to all teachers during the school day. This time will be called Bulldog Block. All teachers, staff, and students will participate in Bulldog Block. No one may opt out.

The purpose of Bulldog Block is “to provide every child with the additional time and support needed to learn at high levels.” (Buffum, Mattos, and Weber, 2012).

Interventions, Extensions, and Enrichments
Bulldog Block time will be designated for interventions, classroom extensions and enrichments. An intervention is, “anything a school does, above and beyond what the students receive, that helps a child succeed in school.” (Buffum, Mattos, and Weber, 2012) and not just more of the same. If it is the same strategy, method, practice, or program that all students receive it is not an intervention.

Classroom extensions would be anything that supplements the classroom content or experience. A guest speaker, a science lab, a debate or discussion would be examples of extensions. Extensions are planned events that take place outside of the regular classroom time.

Enrichments are experiences that supplement the student’s overall educational experience. An archery class, physical fitness, learning how to sew or cook a meal are some examples. Teachers will propose enrichment activities that align to the learning goals of the school. Students will sign up for enrichments and will be tagged in by the hosting teacher or teachers.

Machias Memorial High School will use the web-based application edYOUsched to “tag” students into teacher intervention, extension, and enrichment sessions. All staff and students will receive training with edYOUsched. Students are responsible to check their tags daily. If they need assistance checking their tag they can ask a teacher.

Each day a subject will take priority over all others. The table below will be used to determine daily priorities.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 8.19.29 AM

RTI to Special Services
The inverted pyramid (Buffum, Mattos, and Weber, 2012) gives a visual of how to think about RTI.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 8.19.41 AM

“All Students” represent 80-85% of the students in your classroom. The instruction is differentiated, students understand the material, and grasp the concepts.

“Identified Students” are students who need more intense instruction in addition to the classroom. This group represents 15-20% of the students in your classroom.

“Individual Students” will be students who you have tried numerous interventions that have succeeded with other students, but have not worked with them. These students, after trying and documenting the ineffectiveness of proven interventions, may be referred to special services. This group will represent 1-5% of your students.

Students in the top two tiers of the inverted pyramid are receiving instruction from teachers and staff members in the regular education program. Students in the bottom tier receive instruction and supports from the special services teachers and staff members after they have been identified as needing special services through the RTI referral process.