Morse Twins: Customizing Education, Heading to Bates

Emily ’13 and Katie Morse ‘13
Kennebec, Maine

morse-twinsEmily and Katie Morse are twin sisters who have certainly made the most of their education at Machias Memorial High School.  Utilizing the exploding power of the internet, the two girls have customized their high school experience by taking Japanese for four years on-line.  This year they are tackling British Literature as well.  Because of their ingenuity and the support of teachers, the girls were able to present their success story at the Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI) conference at the University of Maine, Orono.  They were also interviewed by Channel 5 News and received a letter from the Consul General of Japan in Boston.  Both Emily and Katie are thankful for the technology at MMHS, including  Apple MacBooks for every student and iPads for a few select classes.

When asked what they most appreciated about Machias Memorial High School, the twins agreed wholeheartedly on the answer -“The individualized attention  of our teachers.”  According to Emily, “If you make your interests known, the teachers will help you get what you want.”  The girls put that to the test, lobbying for a new class.  After recruiting fellow students, AP World History launched in the fall of 2010 with Mrs. Albee as the instructor.

The Morse sisters have been an integral part of the Bulldog community, participating on the DAC  Championship cross country team, acting in the school’s drama club, playing in the band and taking years of art classes.

Emily and Katie’s motivation, perseverance and ability to think outside the box have paid off.  In August of this year, the twins will head to Bates College on scholarships.  Congratulations girls.

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