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At Machias Memorial High School, we believe every student has a story to tell. Each has an academic path they are following, a set of goals they want to reach, and something to contribute to the world. Brought together in an environment that encourages individualized learning and supports an active school life, MMHS students have much to offer each other, in and out of the classroom. Taken together, these student stories offer a good sense of what it is like to be at Machias Memorial High School. We invite you to meet some of our current students, find out what makes them tick, and discover what MMHS means to them.

Machias Schools Receive New Digital Sign

This post is not the typical Student Spotlight feature, but I wanted to update everyone regarding our new digital sign that was installed this week.   It is with great pride and accomplishment that I publish this post.

Finally, the Machias Schools were able to purchase a high quality digital sign!  This purchase, which felt like it took an eternity, became a reality on August 27,2018.

For me, this was a purchase that I had been working on for six years.  Two years ago Rose M. Gaffney PAWS Group and Machias Memorial High School Athletic Boosters joined forces to work towards the purchase of a sign.  This collaboration made it possible to purchase the sign and do some amazing things for our schools.

In addition to the two groups listed above, The Rose M. Gaffney Literacy Group, Machias Memorial High School Athletic Department, and the Machias School Board all contributed funding to make the sign purchase.

This sign will not only be a dynamic source of information for our schools and community, it will also be a source of pride.  The two schools and their support groups have worked together and accomplished much.  It reminds me of the days when the Rose M. Gaffney PAWS Group purchased and installed two playgrounds at Rose M. Gaffney which as still in great condition.  People working together towards a common goal.

As I look at the picture I get a feeling of satisfaction.  Not because we purchased an awesome sign, but because we worked together in the best interest of students and their families.  I am proud of what Machias Schools can offer students.  Machias Schools are doing some special and unique things for students and meeting their needs on an individualized basis from pre-kindergarten to graduation.

I hope you too feel pride for your schools.  It is easy to focus on the negative, but there are many more positive, life-changing events going on in your schools.  Stop by anytime and visit.  You’ll be amazed at how much we do for students and positively influence their lives.


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