How Will You Play the Game?

It’s time to begin another season of basketball at Machias Memorial High School. As always their are high expectations for our teams and both the boys and girls are expected to make the playoffs and advance to Bangor. This year will be extra special as the tournament will be held for the first time at the Cross Center.

One thing I have emphasized over the years, to all of our teams, is that it is more important how you play the game and how you represent the school than winning games. A high level of sportsmanship is demanded from our student athletes, coaches, and fans. To me this is more important than winning.

Don’t misunderstand me. I like to win and I am a very competitive person. I want our school to have successful teams. But how we play the game, how we respect the referees, how we treat the opposing players, and how we represent our school is what distinguishes good teams, schools, and fans from successful ones.

There is something special that pulls a community together when a basketball team wins their preliminary game, travels to Bangor, and does well in the tournament. Signs go up on telephone poles, people dress in black and orange to make the trek to Bangor, and old friends reunite. Nothing will make me prouder than to win with a positive attitude, skill, and a high level of sportsmanship. GO BULLDOGS!

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