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    Always great to see Chef Will! His visits always inspire our students.

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    The Running Bulldogs had a great showing at the 2.85 mile Calais Moosehorn race. They announced the name change of the race to the Addison Coty Memorial Race.

    The Calais Athletic Director Randy Morrison , Calais Coach Calvin James, and coach Rossi spoke kind words in his memory, followed by a moment of silence.

    We competed against Jonesport Beals, Washington Academy, Shead, Calais, and Narraguagus.

    Jason Weaver finished first for the Bulldogs in second place with an awesome time of 17:24. He was followed by Leif McKenna, 13, 19:15, Jakob Holland, 18, 20:13, Tyler Demarest, 19, 21:02, followed by Alex Look 25:43, Dustin Taylor, 26:25, and Alex Cox, 27:42.

    The boys brought home a third place team score behind Calais, and WA.

    For the Lady Bulldogs Kailee Parker had her best race this season. She finished 12, 25:05, Samantha Cox, 16, 26:23, Mileena Sylvia, 17, 26:47, followed by Matti Conlin, 31:20, Sadie Philips, 32:34, and Hannah Faulkingham, 32:49.

    The Lady Bulldogs brought home a third place team win behind WA, and Narraguagus.

    After the race the entire team along with the Calais XC team and coach followed Addison’s mom to the cemetery where Addison had been laid to rest.

    As a team we presented the family with photo albums, and we placed a beautiful ROYAL DEVIL DOGS flower arrangement on his grave.

    The team offered condolences and kind words to the family followed by singing “See You Again” by Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa.

    The sport of cross country is so much more than running, competing, wins, and losses.

    Cross Country is a lesson in life... friendships, and memories.

    Our next race is Friday 9/21 at Sumner Memorial High School.

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    Machias Memorial High School will have an early release on Thursday, September 27. Teachers and staff will be participating in a school accreditation workshop.

    THE EARLY RELEASE IS FOR MMHS ONLY. RMG will have a full day of classes.

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    The RUNNING BULLDOGS had an excellent showing at the Foxcroft Academy XC Race on Friday 14.

    We made the long trek down and competed against Hermon, John Bapst, Calais, Foxcroft Academy, Jonesport-Beals, and Dexter High Schools.

    The course was a true, 3.1 mile extremely rugged, cross country course.

    It was nothing less than a treacherous on hard, rocky gravel, huge holes in the road, two four way intersections, massive hilly inclines, and on top all that the athletes started the race with a steep hill within the first three steps.

    The weather was a horrid, and muggy, 96 degrees. This alone made it hard to pre walk the course...let alone turning around and running it.

    Jason Weaver finished strong in 20, 21:18, Leif Mckenna 34, 23:20, Tyler Demarest 42, 27:10, followed closely behind was Dustin Taylor, 33:03, Alex Look, 36:13, and Alex Cox 36:15.

    The boys brought home a fifth place team finish right behind the Calais Blue Devils.

    The Lady Bulldogs had a great showing as well.

    Sammie Cox 19, 31:48, Kailee Parker, 20, 32:19, Mileena Sylvia, 22, 33:20, followed closely by Sadie Philips, 36:36, Matti Conlin,36:42, and Hannah Faulkingham, 38:43.

    The Lady Bulldogs brought home a fifth place team title right behind Calais.

    The long trip was tiring but fun.

    We got home late Friday night. The next morning the entire team met me at 8:00 am to work and run in the Healthy Acadia Color Run.

    Everyone had a lot of fun and of course the team color that we got to throw was orange.

    Our next race is Tuesday 18 in Calais.

    Coach Rossi.

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    Upcoming Events

  •  XC Regional Championship – November 29

    Boys Race at 12:10 pm and girls race at 12:45 pm.  Event will be held at Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast.


    Students and staff are encouraged to dress in appropriate costume on this day.

    Quarter 1 Closes

    On Friday, November 4, 2016 grades will close for Quarter 1.  Get all of your assignments caught up and passed in.

    November 2 – Picture Retakes

    Retakes will be done Wednesday morning around 9:00 am.

    MMHS Poetry Night – Monday, November 7

    Machias Memorial High School will host it’s first Poetry Night.  The event begins at 6:00 pm and is open to the public.

    November 8 – Election Day

    Don’t forget to vote!

    Veteran’s Day Program – November 10

    Machias Schools will be hosting an event to honor veteran’s in Machias and the surrounding communities.  The morning begins with a breakfast at Rose M. Gaffney followed by a ceremony at the MMHS Gymnasium at 9:00 am.


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