My Teacher Email

Mr. Brian Leavitt, Principal, Athletics, and CWCIT Director

Mrs. Jessica Look, Administrative Assistant

Mr. James Black, Social Studies

Mrs. Susan Albee, Journalism and Social Studies

Mrs. Rebecca McKenna, English

Mrs. Nicole Case, English

Mr. Michael Henry, Math & HomeBase Coordinator

Mrs. Amy Getchell, Math

Mrs. Michelle Jaques, Life Science

Mrs. Kristin Leavitt, Special Services

Mr. Anthony Roy, Special Services

Mrs. Pat Dowling, Special Services

Mrs. Norma Rolfe, Special Services

Mrs. Wanda Locke, Special Services

Mrs. Judy Hayward, Special Services

Mrs. Bonnie Atkinson, Band & Chorus

Mr. Michael Worcester, Health/Physical Education

Mr. Mikel Jacques, Building Trades, IA, and Math

Mrs. Rebecca Lee, Art

Mrs. Anderson, Spanish

Mrs. Schoppee, Librarian

Ms. Emily Mawhinney, Culinary Arts

Ms. Faye Mack, Jobs for Maine’s Graduates

Ms. Jaimie Moores, Technology Coordinator

Ms. Cara Cirillo, Guidance Counselor

Ms. Alaina Albee, Guidance Secretary/GERA-UP

Mrs. Lori Martin, School Nurse