2015 Principal’s Welcome Message


Dear Parents and Students,

I would like to personally welcome you to Machias Memorial High School.  If this is your first year, or your last, the school’s goal is for you to have the best possible educational experience based on your interests and needs.

Machias Memorial High School continues to customize learning and encourage students to take advantage of early college classes, Career & Technical Education classes, Advanced Placement (AP) classes, honors level classes, internships, apprenticeships, and online classes.

There are also many organizations like Close-Up Washington, Band and Chorus, Jobs for Maine Graduates, Student Government, Math Team, Anime Club, Outing Club, Video Club, FCCLA, and athletics that can enhance your educational experience.

The school will continue to support student learning and development with Bulldog Block and JMG Essentials.  Bulldog Block is a daily block of time set in the schedule where all teachers are available for all students who need to meet with them.  We have found that it is sometimes difficult, or even a hardship, for students to meet teachers after school or during their academic labs.

JMG Essentials is a required freshmen class that has the goal of teaching students how to be a successful student academically, socially, and civically.  Students will learn about topics such as organization, study skills, time management, information research skills, how to handle and stand up to a bully or cyberbully, and digital citizenship just to name a few.  The school feels that these two supports will give students a solid foundation to excel in high school regardless of their current academic, social, or civic competencies.

Some areas of focus this year will be attendance, bullying and harassment prevention, and school safety.  Data shows that students who miss more than 18 days of school per year fall behind in their studies and increase their chances of not graduating on time.

Bullying and harassment has increased slightly over the last year.  The school will be delivering programming this year to prevent, reduce, and eliminate these behaviors from our school.  All students deserve to feel safe and be free of bullying or harassing behaviors while attending school.

School safety will continue to be a focus for the staff and I at Machias Memorial High School.  I take my responsibility of caring for your children very seriously.  I will continue to assess the campus for safety concerns, address them, and work with local and state law enforcement organizations to keep illegal substances out of our school.  More details on these areas will be sent home at the beginning of the school year.

We encourage students to enjoy their high school years.  Learning is important, but encourage them to join a club, sports team, or make a new friend.  Encourage them to be involved in their school and community to make it a better place for all.  Encourage them to take pride in themselves and what they accomplish while at Machias Memorial High School.  If I can ever help you with anything please come see me.  I am committed to helping your child succeed as a student and person.


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Mr. Brian Leavitt

Principal/Athletic Director, Machias Memorial High School

Director, Coastal Washington CIT

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