A Story in the Making
At Machias Memorial High School, we believe every student has a story to tell. Each has an academic path they are following, a set of goals they want to reach, and something to contribute to the world. Brought together in an environment that encourages individualized learning and supports an active school life, MMHS students have much to offer each other, in and out of the classroom. Taken together, these student stories offer a good sense of what it is like to be at Machias Memorial High School. We invite you to meet some of our current students, find out what makes them tick, and discover what MMHS means to them.

Magenta Johnson

Magenta JohnsonOur student spotlight this week is on Magenta Johnson, a Junior at Machias Memorial High School. Magenta is the only girl on the boys’ soccer team, so we thought it would be interesting to talk to her about what that’s like. She said that playing soccer with the boys is “entertaining” and that, “It’s fun to push the guys around!”

Most of the time, Magenta plays left or right full back, a defense position. She said that her teammates are great because they get along on and off the field. The Bulldogs ended their season with a record of 3-11 but failed to make it into the post-season.

Besides soccer, Magenta is also involved in other sports, including softball and basketball. She enjoys taking a Latin course at the University of Maine at Machias, which she says is very hard. In class, they read passages out of a book in Latin and then translate it into English. Some of the words that she can say are “fontum” and “casa”, which mean fountain and house.

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